Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Ex pat living. January 2013 Genesis, my last job in New Hampshire, gave me a videoconferencing camera to bring back to Nosara to check my Internet possibilities. They have a hard time hiring prescribers and are now considering telepsychiatry. There are a lot of logistics but it is doable. Fingers crossed big-time—if I can work from Paradise I may never have to leave for work again!! Have already started researching vacation packages-ie I could go to New York City for one week in February—air and hotel—for under $$1000. So send me your good wishes that this will work! We are still hoping to move from here to the Lake Arenal area. It would be more practical. We have lowered our price dramatically ($475). And we are hoping with the lower price and the market opening someone will show up. We have had some interest but no offers. In the meantime we are enjoying the time we have left here. New Years Eve was great up here at the Black Sheep. Lively groups of people-about 250 total. A great band—Mumbleriot from San Jose, ritual Irish car bombs throughout the evening, great food and fireworks at midnight. Our best New Years Eve Party ever—we told people it may be our last. We will have our anniversary in February and our traditional Saint Patricks’ Day party in March. Since coming back from New Hampshire, we have visited Lake Arenal and Mexico city. We have a favorite lot in Tilaran, near the Volcano Brewing Company. Joe has plans for an English style cottage, a guest house and a pub. (There will always be a pub!!) Arenal area is practical for us: closer to San Jose and Joe’s doctor, scenic, year round temperatures in the 70-80’s, no dry season, paved roads, and easier to have things fixed. Also, we liked all the people we met there. If I can do telepsychiatry from home, we can visit Tilaran regularly and take our time about when to move. And we can visit other cities on vacation. I thought Mexico city would be a natural. It is close, airfare was inexpensive and we were invited for Christmas by Joe’s Mexican family. Joe was an exchange student in High school and is still friends with the family. Mexico City was beautiful with all the parks, landscaping, and art but it is dangerous. Our friends would not allow us out unattended and there were many gated communities. Still it was great to be in a Latin Culture that has more art and culture than Costa Rica. I will find out soon about the telepsychiatry. Another company is hoping to get me into a telepsychiatry spot in Oregon if New Hampshire doesn’t work out. And there are other possibilities. So visualize the possibilities for me!! And come visit. It is beautiful here…and it is Paradise. Love Helena and Joe

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